Evidence Based Hand and Upper Extremity Protocols Book

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Charleston Hand Therapy Center Treatment Services Book Cover
Evidence Based Hand and Upper Extremity Protocols is a comprehensive manual with over 70 therapy treatment protocols for the most common surgical and nonsurgical diagnoses of the upper extremity. This manual is in a week-by-week format that is easy to use. Each protocol is based on the most current medical evidence and is uniformly outlined with indications, contraindications, recommended weekly therapy visits, and surgical outcome limitations. Many of the diagnoses have more than one protocol to choose from to appeal to all physicians and therapists with a variance of surgical techniques and client population.
Elizabeth “Ebby” de Herder is a currently practicing occupational therapist and certified hand therapist with over 32 years of clinical experience. She passed the initial certified hand therapy board examination in 1991 and has been practicing her passion in the area of hand and upper extremity therapy since 1985.
Throughout her career, Ebby has established evidence based treatment protocols. She has had the privilege of working with progressive orthopedic and plastic hand and upper extremity surgeons at university trauma hospitals, local and regional hospitals and private practice physicians in 3 different states. Currently, she is the owner of Charleston Hand Therapy Center in Charleston, SC and a clinical instructor for occupational therapy students for the Medical University of South Carolina and the University of St. Augustine.
This manual was written to provide all patients, physicians, and students with an easy guide using the most up to date evidence based treatment. In addition to offering cited evidence, Ebby added her practical clinical guidance so the patient has the opportunity to have the best possible outcome.
ISBN 978-0-578-16739-8
Elizabeth de Herder,
Mar 12, 2019, 8:50 AM